Curious how working with Phil change? Read some real-world case case studies below to learn more.


Case Study 1: Hall Kinion
At the end of 2003 as CEO of a NASDAQ listed company, I found my executive team in a state of dysfunction as we were about to be acquired by a large NYSE entity. The pressures of the process had sent each executive to his own corner, fighting for the needs of his/her department without regard for the entity. Phil Towle began working side by side with my group of highly individualistic, but fractured team members. Not only did we successfully close the acquisition but our team came together to make our transaction a case book example of teamwork success. Phil’s ability to work both with individuals and teams to bring out the best in each, earned him a place on our team for over a year. I highly recommend him for any executive looking to build a high performance team out of individual leaders. Phil accomplishes in a month, what a lesser coach could hope for in a year. He is simply the best!

– Brenda Galilee, CEO, Hall Kinion (HAKI on NASDAQ)